About Us

A story to make you smile

As a dentist, you really get to know your patients, and Dr Henry Sinclair had seen many of his regulars since he first started treating them as toddlers – over 25 years ago. That kind of relationship creates a certain feeling of responsibility, and as times grew harder, Dr Sinclair watched with increasing concern as dental health in Australia declined.

Instead of saving teeth with protective crowns or veneers, people were asking to have them pulled out. Instead of replacing lost teeth with bridges and pontics, people were putting off treatment until a chain reaction had affected all of their teeth. And instead of getting quality care in Australia, people were travelling to unregulated markets overseas – often with dire consequences – or unwittingly paying local dentists for products manufactured in the same unregulated overseas markets.

Something had to be done.

Asking around with his trusted Australian colleagues, Dr Sinclair soon identified an opportunity: even the very best dentists sometimes had availability in their busy schedules. Could they be interested in offering discounted rates if patients were ready to come in to fill those particular appointment times? They could. Would it be possible to bring production costs down by having your own dental laboratory produce top-quality crowns, bridges and veneers right here in Australia? It would. Dr Sinclair had found his answer.

The rest, as they say, is history.

All Truvalue products are today manufactured in our dental laboratory in Sunshine Coast, using the latest CAD/CAM design technology and the purest high-density dental ceramics to produce crowns, bridges and veneers for Truvalue patients right across Australia. More and more dentists are joining our network. Truvalue patients are spreading the word. Because, after all, what could be more worthwhile the Truvalue mission: to give everyday Australians a new reason to smile every day.