Truvalue Crowns

$999 - 899

What emotion is reflected in your smile?

For all the health concerns that come with damaged, worn, crooked, misaligned or discoloured teeth, the first blow might be to your self-esteem and confidence.

So don’t let the days go past without doing anything about it. Truvalue crowns offer you an affordable way to protect your teeth and keep your smile as beautiful as the feeling behind it.

Truvalue crowns

  • Optimal for chipped, damaged and weak teeth
  • Affordable through the Truvalue scheme
  • 100% Australian-made and guaranteed
  • 3D CAD/CAM precision
  • High-density Zirconia or Emax ceramic
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Non-allergenic
  • Metal-free (no contamination or grey lines)
  • Superior hardness for unobtrusive crowns
  • Long-lasting
  • Natural-looking; colour-matching to your preference

It all starts with a lost tooth

Letting a tooth degrade to the point where it collapses sets a chain reaction in motion.Surrounding teeth will slowly start to loosen and there’s a very real risk of loss of jawbone, which over time causes an unattractive, sunken appearance and limits any options for restorative treatments to very extensive and costly surgery.

Shortly put: a lost tooth is bad news. It pays to act quickly and resolutely to save damaged teeth before it’s too late.

Regain your strength

Fortunately, a Truvalue crown can provide you with an affordable and efficient solution to protect your natural teeth and avoid the risk of having to extract them. Manufactured from high-density Zirconia or Emax ceramics, your Truvalue crown is entirely free from metal and other impurities that can cause allergic reactions. These materials are extremely hard and durable, so you can count on your crown to last for a very long time.

Another advantage of the Truvalue crown is that it requires only the bare minimum of reshaping of your natural teeth. Thanks to the precision of the Truvalue CAD/CAM digital modelling process and the superior strength of Zirconia and Emax, the crowns can be so thin and so precisely matched to your existing teeth, little to no tooth reduction is required. And this is key to achieving long-lasting and natural-looking results. With your Truvalue crown fitting like a glove, the teeth remain strong without taking on a bulky appearance – and the appealing translucence and depth of colour add to the look of natural, healthy teeth.

A crown is a hard shell placed over a tooth for protection and enhanced appearance.

Get started today

Enquire today to find whether your local dentist has availability to take on a Truvalue patient. Once you secure an appointment, your dentist will conduct a full oral exam to assess the roots of the teeth as well as the surrounding jawbone. A root canal treatment may be recommended, should there be any risk of infection or damage to the tooth pulp. Your dentist will also discuss colour-matching with you andcreate a mould of your teeth to ensure that the crown won’t affect your bite, and a temporary crown will be fitted whilst your Truvalue crown is being manufactured.

Our laboratory in Sunshine Coast will then use the mould for 3D modelling and production of your crowns. The entire manufacturing process is carried out on site by our Truvalue technicians – no work is done overseas – and the use of materials is governed by the strict Australian healthcare legislation.

On the second and final appointment, your dentist will position the crown, testing the function and making any required fine-tuning to create the perfect fit. Your Truvalue crown will then be permanently fixed with a specialised bonding agent, ensuring complete stability and comfort.