Truvalue Veneers

$699 - 599

What emotion is reflected in your smile?

For all the health concerns that come with damaged, worn, crooked, misaligned or discoloured teeth, the first blow might be to your self-esteem and confidence.

So don’t let the days go past without doing anything about it. Truvalue veneers offer you an affordable way to protect your teeth and keep your smile as beautiful as the feeling behind it.

Truvalue veneers

  • Affordable through the Truvalue scheme
  • 100% Australian-made and guaranteed
  • Retains your natural tooth structure
  • 3D CAD/CAM precision
  • Pure high-density porcelain
  • Non-allergenic
  • Superior hardness for ultra-thin fit
  • Long-lasting
  • Colour-matching to your preference
  • Natural light-reflecting properties

The Truvalue difference: more than a thin veneer

Of course, thanks to the Truvalue scheme, you can enjoy veneers at a fraction of the cost you’d face elsewhere. But Truvalue offers quality that goes way beyond price.Firstly, manufactured from pure high-density porcelain, your Truvalue veneers are superior to any composite resin veneers. Remember, one of the main functions of veneers is to improve the colour and look of the teeth. So, whilst it might be a cheaper option, using a porous material such as resin simply doesn’t make sense. What you want is a high-density, super-hard surface. Not a resin sponge that soon will take on the look of your favourite coffee.

In other words: resins are out. Porcelain is in.

Secondly, you might be asking yourself why so many people keep talking about “Lumineers”. This has got a very simple explanation: advertising. Lumineers are an American brand of veneers that have a huge financial backing. Not that there’s anything wrong with them. Just like Truvalue, Lumineers are manufactured from high-density porcelain. Just like Truvalue, Lumineers offer a precise fit. Just like Truvalue, Lumineers give you a beautiful, natural look.

In fact, Lumineers are exactly like Truvalue veneers. It’s only that they’re about twice the price. So, if for whatever reason you have got your mind set on Lumineers and have the extra money to spend, by all means, go for it. However, if you’d like to save half of your money for something else, we’ve got another idea.

Enquire to become a Truvalue patient, and you will enjoy 100% Australian-made veneers of the highest quality at an unbeatable price. Wait lists are sometimes very short. After all, the mission of the Truvalue network is to get everyday Australians a new reason to smile every day!

Get started today

Contact us today to check whether your local dentist has availability to take on a Truvalue patient. Once you secure an appointment, your dentist will first conduct a full evaluation of your teeth to make sure that veneers are appropriate for you. Together, you’ll then discuss a personalised treatment plan, including what colour and look to go for, and you will be given a fixed quote for your Truvalue veneers. You will be quoted exactly what you’ll pay for the full procedure. No hidden surprises or future add-ons. And you can count on this quote to be far below what you’d pay, had you not been a Truvalue patient.

On your next visit, the dentist will make any adjustments needed and create a mould of your teeth. This mould is sent to our 3D engineers at the Truvalue dental laboratory in Sunshine Coast, where you’re veneers will be manufactured from start to finish. No work is sent overseas, and the use of materials is governed by the strict Australian healthcare legislation.

Lastly, your dentist will position the Truvalue veneers, controlling that the fit and colour is perfect before permanently attaching the veneers by activating the bonding cement with a beam of ultraviolet light. This enables optimal precision, ensuring a natural look, durability and comfort.

From start to finish, this whole process is completed in only three visits over the course of about two weeks. Availability of Truvalue appointments is limited, however, so get in touch with us today if you’re ready for your new veneers.

Before you know it, you could be smiling like never before.