Why Truvalue?

Why Truvalue?

Many Dentist are now offering crowns, veneers and other cosmetic dentistry at reduced rates because they are sending your work to China and other third world countries for manufacturing. “A recent survey found that one out of three crowns ordered by Brisbane dentists will be made overseas”

This is a cost-cutting measure designed to increase profits – not to save money for the patients. Regrettably, the patient is frequently the one to pay the added costs when their substandard treatments fail. Dental Crowns and Veneers produced overseas are often made from inferior materials, are poorly manufactured and can be contaminated with metal and biological waste. Just because you are sitting in a dentist’s chair in Australia, it does not mean you’re receiving a product made in Australia.

Our TRUVALUE Dental Crowns and Veneers are made exclusively here on the Sunshine Coast. You can even visit the Laboratory where your Crown or Veneers are being made and meet our local Technicians. Our Technicians are leaders in their field, working with the latest technology from all over the world, they excel in technical excellence.

With TRUVALUE Dental you can rest assured that that your dental work will be of the finest, lasting quality and exactly what you’ve paid for! We work very closely with each patient to ensure we achieve your individual dental goals, but also go beyond your level of expectation. Our goal always remains the same; to create a stunning and confident smile which will last a lifetime.

Dr Henry Sinclair is the principle Dentist here at TRUVALUE Dental, he has been providing dental care to the entire family, from toddlers to great-grandparents for over 25 years. The entire Dental team at TRUVALUE Dental take continuous education courses so that they can be well informed and up to date with the latest techniques. The newest developments in oral disease detection and prevention, aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry, root canal therapy and periodontal therapy are incorporated into the daily routine of patient care.

Dr Sinclair uses minimally invasive methods, his goal is to conserve healthy tooth structure and he employs the latest techniques which allow him to perform many restorations without extensive drilling. The focus is on prevention, remineralisation and minimal dental intervention, which means less time spent in the dental chair.

One of the more significant advancements in recent dentistry is the development of new techniques for crown preparation that no longer require much of the natural tooth structure to be removed.

Our Veneersare the most advanced in the industry. Our Veneers are made from Porcelain, they are no longer bulky and often require no natural tooth structure to be removed to fit them. Dr Sinclair harnesses modern technology to produce aperfect lens-thin porcelain veneer that provides beauty and strength, while preserving the natural tooth structure.


More and more people are travelling overseas for cosmetic surgery and dentistry. They are putting themselves in jeopardy of major health risks, possible post-operative infections and often end up with poor quality, faulty or dysfunctional dental work. Most Australians just do not understand that the overseas market is not regulated as carefully as it is in Australia. In fact some countries are virtually un-regulated and people practicing cosmetic dentistry and surgery may not have formal qualifications. It’s a huge risk just to save a few dollars.

We could see people were crying out for a more competitive market in cosmetic dentistry. We wanted to be able to reach out to more people and show them that they can afford to have the smile they always dreamed of, without the huge risks associated with overseas dentistry and thus “TRUVALUE Dental” Dental evolved.


Put simply with TRUVALUE Dental we are able to offer our patients the highest quality dental at the most affordable price.

  • All Crowns are made from either E Max ceramic, or Zirconia.
  • All our Veneers are made from the highest quality Porcelain
  • Our Crowns and Veneers are made locally, in Australia
  • Our Crowns and Veneers are TGA approved.

Patients can rest assured, they are getting the latest technologically advanced product from people they can trust, right here in Australia. To further ensure their peace of mind we offer a one year guarantee on our TRUVALUE Dental products.

Our TRUVALUE Dental Crowns and Veneers come with a 12 month unconditional guarantee on manufacture of the TRUVALUE Dental Veneer/Crown or Bridge and a 12 month conditional guarantee on workmanship *(conditions apply).